The Empire Family!

Greg Grillot


Gym Director

Head Competitive Boys' Team Coach

Coach Greg has been coaching gymnastics for 16 years. He was a previous Power Tumbling National Team Member. Greg has had many boys on his team compete and win at Louisiana State Championships as well as compete at Regional Championships

Alex Grillot


Assistant Gym Director

Preschool Program Director

Competitive Girls' Team Coach

Coach Alex, a sibling of Greg, has been coaching for 13 years. She started out coaching with the Girls' Team program. She was a competitive gymnast until the age of 18. Many of her preschool students have gone onto the developmental program as well as team program

Kay Gosack


Head Competitive Girls' Team Coach

Girls' Pre-team Coach

Coach Kay has been coaching for gymnastics since 2002. She has coached at several gyms across the country and served as a program director and gym manager at multiple locations. Kay was a competitive gymnast until the age of 16 and uses her experiences as well as education in exercise science, kinesiology, physiology, and biomechanics to train the future stars of gymnastics

Tommy Grillot


Boys' Pre-team Coach

Boys' Developmental Coach

Sylvia Mullen


Competitive Girls' Team Coach

Assistant Girls' Pre-team Coach

Tenaj Jackson


Head Girls' XCEL Team Coach

Girls' Developmental Coach

Zac Tujague


Competitive Boys' Team Coach

Darlene Aldridge


Office Manager

Laney Stiebing


Girls' Developmental Coach

Tumbling Coach

Sydney Meyer


Mommy & Me Coach

Preschool Coach

Nina Deichmann


Girls' Developmental Coach

Lily Amer


Mommy & Me Coach

Preschool Coach

Girls' Developmental Coach

Tumbling Coach

Brittany Hinkel


Mommy & Me Coach

Preschool Coach

Girls' Developmental Coach

Alyssa Ordyne


Girls' Developmental Coach

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